Zoe Young

Zoe Young has extensive experience in the provision of market studies across the oil and gas value chains, and has worked on a number of studies relating to the identification of and implementation of the optimal development route for gas resources. These have included national Gas Master Plans prepared on behalf of an African National Oil Company and others for private investors. Zoe’s expertise covers the technical evaluation of the full range of commercialisation options, such as power generation, methanol, ammonia, LNG, pipeline or GTL developments combined with market analysis and economic modelling of each option. Studies have also typically included a review of the wider socio-economic impacts of each option

She has also provided expert witness reports and testimony for a number of disputes in countries including Bulgaria, USA, UK, and Egypt.

During her 18 years’ experience, Zoe’s early career was at the Exxon Mobil Fawley refinery in Southampton, UK where she worked in various technical and operational roles. Following this, she worked for a leading international upstream oil and gas consultancy where she was Project Manager for a number of key oil related and natural gas projects for international clients including government ministries, national oil companies, international oil companies, financial institutions and legal firms. Zoe has worked on projects in UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Japan, India, Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, USA, Canada and Brazil.

Zoe holds a MEng (Hons) from University of Nottingham.