Natural Gas

Gas_linesHolmwood Consulting Limited’s expertise has a focus on all major natural gas matters, including commercial and technical aspects of pipelines, storage, LNG and its interaction with power generation and the broader energy trading community. It is a given that natural gas markets whether vertically integrated, transitional or totally unbundled require infrastructure to allow them to operate. Provision of the terminals, pipelines and underground gas storage often falls on the existing national or regional gas companies.

The advent of cross-border transfers and third party access to such infrastructure causes additional needs both from the operator and the shipper for the entire nominations, scheduling and allocations process

Storage3Consultants at Holmwood Consulting Limited have provided consulting and training services to many client companies, both asset operators and gas shippers, over the last 10 years. They have had involvements with many upstream gas monetizers and almost every major gas transmission company in Europe over recent years, encompassing third party access challenges, company unbundling issues and software system advice. Recently, we were contracted by a gas shipper to review and make recommendations on a new pipeline Network Code for a developing, non-European gas market. Additionally, our consultants have considerable expertise in the commercial market and systems aspects of underground gas storage and have worked with a number of companies in this area.

ga_output_image_ghjIn addition to this ‘traditional’ infrastructure we are increasingly seeing the growth of LNG (liquefied natural gas) across the World and new infrastructure for both export and import is being built globally to cater for this. Please refer to the LNG section of our services for further information.