Our Approach

b_inselChange and volatility are perhaps the only constants in the global energy marketplace today, but change should not be feared as it brings opportunity for many industry players. Small in size, Holmwood Consulting Limited has proven ability to deliver real and lasting value with a growing reputation built around providing top quality, in-depth, objective delivery and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

We provide a distinctive approach by active involvement in the global business, challenging the conventional industry norms and in some cases forecasting trends. For all our client interactions we strive to:

  • Provide real business value to the client
  • Apply highly experienced consultants at a reasonable cost.
  • Deliver by applying the right mix of experience and skills.
  • Be easy to do business with and be flexible to the client’s needs.
  • Have a client partnership where knowledge sharing is key.
  • Maintain the highest levels of personal and professional integrity.

ga_output_image_ghjHolmwood Consulting Limited is wholly focused on the energy sector and welcomes the opportunity to discuss client issues and propose a delivery approach to assignments using an appropriate combination of our Principal and Associates. This allows us to effectively provide the best possible approach at key levels within an organisation covering typically:

  • Strategic: Market & Company Restructuring, Pricing, Gas Market Development and New Entry, National Gas Import
  • Tactical: Gas Market Review and Analysis, LNG Sourcing, Imports, Trading and Logistics
  • Operational: Commercial and Contractual Management, Specification and Evaluation of support systems/ procedures

Holmwood Consulting Limited may also assist NOCs, Governments and International Companies to develop, refine and implement strategies and plans for Gas Monetisation and the long term development of gas markets through development of Gas Master Plans.

It also increasingly makes sense to have a knowledgeable external third-party involved as a “Trusted Adviser” or “Client Friend” in many such projects, in much the same way as using an architect often ends up saving money on building projects, even the comparatively small ones.

Choosing and working with consultants can be somewhat challenging. We therefore offer this short edited guide for your assistance Guidelines Document issued by the UK Institute of Management consultants for assistance .