Case Stories

What we do 01Our confidential Market Consults and Studies have proven useful for:

  • Greenfield Investors
  • Asset Buyers or Owners
  • Energy Suppliers & Buyers
  • Energy Traders
  • M&A Investment Houses – banks, private equity & venture capital
  • Equipment and Technology Providers

A selection of activities performed previously is given below to demonstrate the varied types of study and level of involvement:

FLNG Developments

Investor consult regarding global FLNG technologies, future market, the key players in terms of existing and developing terminals, market share of key players and a view on future FLNG terminal applications worldwide.

LNG 2009-14 trade: US gas market capability to take the global LNG excess capacity

Investor consult regarding the global LNG supply-demand & trade dynamics with a focus on the capability of the US gas market to take excess supply in near term and potential LNG import/ export timings & volumes.


Investor consult regarding global FSRU markets, the key players in terms of existing and developing terminals, market positioning of key players and a view on future FSRU terminal applications worldwide.

LNG pricing and international trade

Annual detailed market update report over several years on natural gas prices, LNG supply-demand dynamics and particularly the changing LNG pricing structures between USA, Europe and Asia and the impact for future trade for one of the largest Asian LNG buyers to assist internal decision making process regarding new contracts and future portfolio approach for this Japanese organisation.

Underground gas storage

Investment fund consult regarding development of a new facility covering market analysis, existing players, supply/demand, cost-revenue basis and future gas and LNG import scenarios for a European country.

Market Entry

Major European natural gas review and report covering more than 20 countries covering industry structures, developments, key players and roles, supply/demand trends, projected import projects and opportunities for a major Russian gas organisation.

Gas pipelines

M&A consult regarding market, existing players, competitive scenarios, future developments and opportunities in Germany.

Technology product

Industry technology provider required in-depth independent study to look at changing natural gas market requirements on a European and a per country basis, competitive products comparison and positioning, target markets and organisations for launch of a new software product.

LNG import terminals

Investor consult regarding European import terminals covering natural gas market & supply/demand developments, LNG trends and import scenarios, regulation issues, Atlantic and Global LNG market effects, future opportunities and other issues for major European countries