Public Courses







During recent years, Holmwood Consulting Limited and it’s Principal have  developed, provided and contributed to tailored energy briefings and numerous public workshops & seminars in conjunction with many top international energy conference and training organisers including:

  • “mini-MBA in Floating LNG Solutions
  • “The 3-day mini-MBA in LNG”
  • “LNG Markets, Arbitrage, Hedging and Risk Management”
  • “Global LNG – Getting to the Heart of the Supply Chain ”; this 4-day course has been run successfully in recent years exclusively for Egyptian companies, with excellent delelgate feedback.
  • “Essentials of Gas Trading & Risk”; Delegate comment “Once again I would like to congratulate you on an excellent course, which for me at least, having been away from the gas market for a long time, assisted me tremendously in understanding basic issues surrounding gas trading and RM, particularly the insights provided on latest developments and European practices”.
  • “Mastering LNG – Technology, Markets and Trade”; Delegate comment “Excellent lecturer has the ability to make complicated things sound simple”.
  • “Essentials of the Oil & Gas Industry”
  • “Natural Gas Security – Europe’s Supply, Russian Gas and the Middle East “
  • “Essentials of Gas Monetisation”
  • “Gas & Power Trading – the European Perspective “
  • “Examining New Developments in European LNG Markets: Challenges and Effects on LNG Sources, Supply Chain, Imports and New Terminals” – delegate feedback “Great speaker and room interaction”
  • “Fundamentals of Liquefied Natural Gas”
  • “Global LNG – Import and Regasification ”
  • “Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) – a New Gas Horizon”
  • “Optimising your European LNG Supply Chain”
  • “Global LNG – the Complete Supply Chain ”- this 5-day course was run successfully from 2004 to 2009 in various parts of the world with excellent delelgate feedback.
  • “Principles of Power and Gas Trading”
  • “European Gas Markets – Understanding the Growing Effects and Impacts of LNG”
  • “European Underground Gas Storage (UGS) Update”
  • “Essentials of European Gas Trading” – delegate feedback “I really enjoyed the overview of the EU Market and the ability to discuss with external parties”
  • “Trading and Gas Transportation in Continental Europe” – delegate comment “Well balanced presentations and a good overview”
  • “Managing the LNG Supply Chain”
  • “Essential Developments in Europe’s Gas Supply Chain – Assessing the Dynamics of LNG for Europe in a Rapidly Evolving Marketplace” – delegate comment “Quality of the content and presentations coupled with the active facilitated discussion involving other participants made it a really enjoyable event”.
  • “Understanding Global Energy Supply Logistics” – The lecturing contribution to this in-depth oil & gas course covered gas pipeline and LNG methods, as well as underground gas storage. Delegate comment “A very good and interesting course”