In-company Courses

Many organisations now wish to receive “softer” external consulting activities and to have greater control over their in-house training activities. We have extensive experience in capacity building and developing executives for energy companies, utilities and other organisations. Whilst training key staff is both necessary and important, Holmwood Consulting Limited  recognises that this takes them away from their “day job” and that training is never a “one size fits all”.

This in-company delivery suits organisations that have an identified need to train either small numbers of senior staff in more personal, interactive Executive Briefings or up to 25 team members in more formal short courses courses tailored to specific company development requirements. Such training may link with in-company new joiner Induction programmes or with ongoing Learning & Development programmes. Substantial savings can make in-company delivery a more cost effective and flexible option for such focussed and specialised training and for larger numbers at the client’s location of choice.

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As examples, we have arranged, developed and/or provided tailored specific in-company Executive Briefings and Short Courses on:

  • “Negotiating Successful Natural Gas and LNG Contracts”
  • “Mid-scale LNG Import Terminals”
  • “Market Fundamentals and the Growth of LNG Floating Production Solutions”
  • “Fundamentals of the Oil & Gas Industry”
  • “Global LNG: Markets, Technical and Trade”
  • “3-Day MBA in Oil & Gas”
  • “Introduction to Oil Trading, Operations & Contract Administration”
  • “Global LNG Essentials”
  • “Understanding Modern Power and Gas Trading in Europe
  • Executive Briefing: “Electric Power Industry Essentials”
  • “Atlantic Basin LNG Developments”
  • Executive Briefing: “LNG Fundamentals – what, how and where”
  • Executive Briefing: “Essentials of the Oil & Gas Industry – Structures, Technology and Commercials”
  • “Power & Gas Trading Principles”
  • “A World of LNG – technical, markets and commercial”
  • “Overview of Europe’s Gas and Power”
  • Executive Briefing: “Essentials of Gas Monetisation”
  • “LNG Markets and Trade”
  • Liquefied Natural Gas – Shipping and Import Terminal Operations”
  • Executive Briefing:  “LNG Import and Terminals – Fundamentals”
  • “Understanding the UK BETTA Market”
  • “European Natural Gas Markets and Trading” in a series of focused 2-day sessions to a total of over 50 staff from a multi-national Oil & Gas company
  • “Getting to the Heart of the Global LNG Supply Chain”
  • “Gas and Power Physical Trading”
  • “Global LPG Markets: Characteristics, Fundamentals, Contracts and Pricing”
  • 1-to-1 Executive Briefing on “European Power and Gas Trading Update” for a new senior manager of an Oil & Gas major.

The world has changed with current recessionary effects and increased financial constraints, as well as pressures on cost base and retrenchment in organisations across the globe. Now, it is even more critical for those companies with vision to be at the forefront of industry happenings and trends by keeping their key staff relevant, current and updated on developments using focused training experiences.