Case Stories

small scaleAt Holmwood Consulting Limited, we believe that as professional consultants the activities we provide to our clients are strictly confidential. The following example Case Stories give an idea of actual past activities in the natural gas sector and LNG supply chain, although they remain anonymous.

Overview of natural gas supply options for Mediterranean island

For Government Ministry seeking a study and cost evaluation for natural gas import into the country, Holmwood Consulting Limited working with a respected island based consultancy was asked to carry out an independent feasibility review and option identification for natural gas supply to the island via LNG FSRU import and pipeline interconnector for power plant and other use. The supply options identified were to be considered from an initial technical feasibility perspective and capital cost estimate.

Asian FLNG Project Development

For a major Asian NOC, Holmwood Consulting Limited developed and facilitated a 2-day in-depth, interactive design, technical, cost and commercial workshop with senior decision makers and influencers at client offices, to allow concept screening and the development of broader understanding of FLNG development issues to support investment decisions. Facility to discuss in-depth key potential issues for their own project in a challenging but open environment gave considerable added value.

LNG Contracts and Negotiation

For a Turkish gas company, Holmwood Consulting Limited developed and facilitated an internactive capability building workshop at client offices, to allow development of broader understanding of natural gas and LNG pricing, contractual terms and negotiation techniques.

National Gas Market Development & Network Code Review

For major natural gas supplier, Holmwood Consulting Limited and an international consulting partner assessed and critiqued the proposed initial Network Code from pipeline operator and made change recommendations to influence successful opening of the country’s nascent gas market.

Natural Gas and LNG Pricing Assessment

To assist a major Japanese LNG buyer, our Principal reviewed global natural gas and LNG pricing bases, volatility and developments with reports issued annually over several years. Objective was not just understanding but as input to their strategic decision making for future portfolio and pricing decisions

Underground Gas Storage

For several European UGS storage operators, Holmwood Consulting Limited acted as lead consultant on the task to determine business processes and to scope required TPA operation and software requirement.

Trading & Logistics Software

For a leading energy software provider, Holmwood Consulting Limited carried out a detailed development process including gap analysis between several existing product functionalities and market requirements to initiate client development of a modular comprehensive trading, optimisation and logistics software tool.

Liberalisation & Company Unbundling

For a major vertically integrated gas company, our Principal acted as “liberalised gas industry expert” assisted with development of business processes and necessary communication linkages to cater for full unbundling of upstream, transportation, storage and commercial trading in a liberalised industry. Developed specifications for new software requirements.

European Gas Market Review

For a Russian client, our Principal produced an in-depth gas industry and traded market report covering 20 selected countries. Recommendations made for new market entry methods and future sales expansion methods.