David Ford

David Ford is an Associate Consultant of Holmwood Consulting Ltd and a respected worldwide specialist in price risk management, the use of financial trading and derivatives for the energy industry, and trading organisations. David acts as a consultant to the energy industry supplying Risk Management services to a number of international clients and has over 20 years experience as a trainer.

He was previously Managing Director of IPE Training Ltd, establishing it as a worldwide provider of quality energy related training courses, having joined the IPE Exchange in 1997. Prior to joining the IPE (now ICE Markets), David worked for 5 years as a broker trading futures and options at Wise Speke stockbrokers following time within the London Traded Options Market (LTOM). He teaches numerous courses and seminars around the world and most recently in Russia, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Singapore, China and the USA, and has lectured for the City of London Business School and IATA .

David has authored the best-selling books:

  • “The Investor’s Guide to Traded Options” (FT Pitman, 1994)
  • “Mastering Exchange Traded Equity Derivatives” (FT Pitman, 1997)

and numerous newspaper and journal articles on these subjects.