Holmwood Consulting Limited is a “network organisation” and our capabilities are greatly enhanced through association with other specialist companies. We are pleased to provide web site links to the following organisations with which we have close working ties.

Design and Implement

Experts in Power Market Design
Global Energy Advisory

Experts in independent European price volatility modelling, trading risks and other advisory services
Warren Business Consultants

Experts in independent oil industry training and advisory

Interested in working together on assignments? We invite independent consultants, niche consulting and other related energy focussed businesses to contact us for discussion.

Holmwood Consulting Limited also works with other consulting firms to meet specific project needs so we are always happy to hear from larger companies and energy industry organisations looking for additional skilled resources on a project by project basis. We often partner with other experienced and qualified organisations, either as the prime contractor or as a subcontractor, to mutually expand business opportunities and optimise resources.

To find out more, please email us directly  with a brief description of the nature of your interest and your organisation’s business.