2013 Presentations

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“China’s Rising Energy Demand”, British Chinese Energy Association “Think On Energy”  (BCEA 能源大讲堂) Public Lecture Series, London UKBCEA

China’s Gas and LNG Challenge – Holmwood Consulting Limited brings key knowledge to London event. Leigh Bolton was honoured to be asked to present this key paper at the inaugural meeting of this BCEA lecture series. The event was very well attended and considerable time spent discussing issues raised and in networking. An excellent event and we wish BCEA well for future lectures in this series.

“Britain’s LNG Future: How much, where from, where to, what price and when?”, Future Energy Strategies, London UK

LNG: The Big Picture and Britain – Leigh Bolton presented the opening paper at this joint FES / EY event, which also featured papers from William Powell (Platts), Patrick Heren (former Chairman and MD of Heren Energy) and Ashutosh Shastri (EnerStrat Consulting).

“Global LNG Forum 2013”, Fleming Europe, Lisbon Portugal

Our Principal was again asked to act as Chairman for this key LNG conference and to present Paper: What is the impact of Australia as a new player in the LNG market? Existing and Proposed Projects analysis.  

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