2008 Presentations

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“European Gas Transport, Storage and LNG”, IIR conferences, Amsterdam Netherlands

Paper: Middle East: 2008 LNG Update

Panel Discussion Moderator: Trading Gas & LNG in Europe

“LNG World”, Marcus Evans conferences, Tokyo Japan

Session paper: Understanding the Essentials of LNG Offshore and Floating Terminals

Panel Discussion Moderator: Future Outlook of LNG                                                                      
Plenary paper: Overview of Future LNG Imports and Supply Metrics and the Impact of Emerging Business Segments on the Asia-Pacific Market (challenging the price sensitivity of emerging markets and the potential supply-side risks)

The Geopolitics of Energy seminar series , jointly sponsored by St Antony’s College, University of Oxford and the Oxford Energy Institutue for Energy Studies (OIES), focuses on the role played by by global politics in the energy sector.

Paper: The Geopolitics of Liquefied Natural Gas

“Energy Round Table #3WIEN Group – World Energy Demand & Price Setting Analysis” ; Padua Italy, 21 April.

Holmwood Consulting Limited was pleased to Chair the second session of this high-level meeting on World Energy demand forecasts with $100/bbl oil prices and impending recession.

Executive Briefing for visiting senior delegation from Russian Power Utility RAO UES; Transeuropean Centre of Commerce and Finance; London (presented by Associate Dr. Tony Smith)

Paper: UK Gas Market Liberalisation – Lessons for New Entrants in Russia

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