1-Day “Masterclass in FLNG”; Liquefaction and Export

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This Masterclass has recently been developed, from activities on FLNG production and export projects, to ensure that delegates are up to date with all the core technical and commercial detail needed to understand the world of FLNG, and to appreciate what the future might hold in this volatile global industry.


Want to understand this complex world of FLNG production

in just a single day?


This training, described in the Masterclass in FLNG, is available from Holmwood Consulting Limited for open course providers and for in-company delivery on a worldwide basis. Presented by Leigh Bolton, it allows delegates to get to grips with the technical and commercial issues for FLNG development. This will all be conveyed in an integrated fashion by looking at the “big picture” and keeping the use of industry “jargon” to a minimum.

The training is instructor-led presented live to groups. Questions and discussion are welcome at any time. You and your colleagues can benefit greatly in just a single day by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the key dynamics of FLNG design, developments and projects.

Increasingly, we have noted a trend to direct contract with us and we are running in-company courses to great benefit for in-house capability building for several key clients around the world, particularly companies who are service companies or who supply equipment to the industry, and for investors. Please contact us for more information for either an in-house Masterclass or if you are a training provider in the LNG industry.

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